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Jiu jitsu enables the weak to defeat the strong

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Why is JIU JITSU No1 martial art for SELF-DEFENSE?

Jiu jitsu efficiency is many times proven in UFC.
Jiu jitsu is meant to neutralize the aggression rather than to incite it.
Jiu jitsu enables the weak to defeat the strong.
There are no strikes and kicks in jiu jitsu and this means:
1. BJJ is self-defense with no consequences (no beatings - no law violations)
2. One can practice BJJ for a whole life without health damaging or bruises on the face.
Jiu jitsu is safe and suitable for everyone. Even for those who have no experience in martial arts.
Structured teaching programme: all actions are understood and logic.

Who is BJJ suitable for?

Who wants to be able to protect themselves without health damaging

BJJ is made for self-defense. Arsenal and technics enable the weak to defeat the strong.

Who comes up to self-defence considering consequences

Any beating and its consequences can be interpreted as excessive self-defense. There is no beating in BJJ and hence no law violation.

Who wants to have more confidence

Self-defense ability and self-defense knowledge create confidence and self-esteem. BJJ brings calmness.

Who wants to be in a good shape and be healthy

A good workout load ensures excellent physical conditions, The knowledge of anatomy allows to better understand your body.

Who wants to be engaged with useful and interesting sports in a company of interesting people

BJJ is popular worldwide for its effectiveness and safety. Jiu Jitsu is always a great company, interesting people and useful acquaintances.

We work year round 7 days a week

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Jiu Jitsu technique formed the basis for such types of wrestling as judo, sambo and even aikido.

BJJ in StrongSpirit.BASE is

Our author's safe teaching methods: consistently and logically from simple to complex, only effective methods and submissions.
12 months is enough for a newbie with zero knowledges to get prepared to pass the blue belt test. This knowledge is completely enough to be able to stand up for yourself, close people and be confident.
Loyal payment system: month membership is valid in all our dojoes, for all classes and for all family members.
Participation in competitions from an officially registered organization
The best martial arts club 2017 * in Podolsk and Klimovsk based on the results of the national voting.
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Podolsk, Klementa Gotvald Street, 4с1, "Trud" Stadium
Klimovsk, Dmitry Kholodov Street, 4

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